The Gathered Community

Spiritual Directors Walking Together in Community and Covenant

We welcome all trained spiritual directors to join us in our ecumenical community for fellowship, days of renewal, continuing education, and prayer.   It is as easy as signing up for our monthly newsletter and other communications to find out when we offer events, register and show up!  

If you would like to be referred to those who contact us looking for a spiritual director, you must be trained in an accepted training program, and we ask you to covenant with us to follow a communal rhythm and rule of life which includes abiding by the Ethical Guidelines of Spiritual Directors International.  We are sorry, we cannot refer anyone who is not currently seeing a spiritual director every 4-6 weeks and engaging in supervision with a peer group or trained supervisor on a quarterly basis.

Contact Cindy via EMAIL or call 832-330-3973 to join our ecumenical community and/or to become a covenant spiritual director.